RFID Antennas - ITS

The smart traffic sign we have developed is designed with RFID Antennas designed as traffic signs. The UHF PCB antennas we design will cover all areas where traffic signs are used.

  • RFID antennas we developed will operate at 868 MHz.
  • RFID systems consist of RFID readers and RFID antennas. It is designed the RFID Antennas as a traffic sign and to use the RFID reader as a traffic sign so that it can not be seen behind the RFID Antenna.
  • We designed HGS RFID Labels which are available on the vehicles and we will read them with RFID antennas and analyze the trac together with the software to be developed.
  • If requested, solar panels will be added to the system so that the system can be operated independently without needing to cabling.
  • We plan to use the HGS RFID tags available on the vehicles in the system. For the devices as in the previous systems, the sign foot will not be used.



• Designed in the form of traffic signs
• Reads the HGS Labels present in the vehicles.

• Process data and perform traffic Analysis.


- Existing traffic signs will be used and will not incur extra costs

- High reading angle.

- Because of the small size and light weight of the antenna we have designed, it can be used as a traffic sign.

- HGS RFID tags on vehicles can read more easily because of high reading angle.