Intelligent Transportation System

Maintain access control of the vehicles entering your property, by identifying, recognizing and admitting vehicles automatically.
Smart Chippark RFID parking management lets you control entrance and exit rights for vehicles .


• Best choice for crowded residential complexes.
• Battery free ultra thin windshield labels.

• By advantages of fast filters, robust algorithms, and latest technology; vehicles can enter parking area without any waiting

• SmartChippark tags are protected by special encryption methods, both EPC and TID codes are used in confirmation. System shall allow to pass onlywhen desired conditions are met.

• Every kind of tracking operations can be performed for vehicles like monitoring time or location of any entrance or exit

• High Security.
• Non-copyable tags.
• Real time reports.
• Improves parking capacity utilization.
• Prevents unauthorized access.
• Streamlines entry and exit.
• Eliminates waiting lines.
• Reduced operational costs.